Logic is something we all have and to me, this is something that's totally logical but at the same time hard for me to wrap my head around. I was on Facebook and read this headline, 

Pigs rescued from fire served as sausage to firefighters who saved them

Okay, I'll bite, I clicked and read the story about a fire station in England that responded to a fire a few months back and ended up saving some of the baby pigs.  Great, they're heroes and to say thank you, a few months later, the farmer turned the rescued piglets into sausage and gifted them to the fire station.  

Let's be clear, I love sausage and bacon but there's something strange about saving something only to eat it.  I know it's what farmers do on a daily basis, love something only to turn it into "protein" but I dunno, c'mon, it's a bit strange.