Listener Needs Help Determining If She Was Proposed to Or Not...

Just a warning you're about to go through ALLLL the emotions. A listener shared with Ryan Seacrest on-air she has a dilemma: she doesn't know if she was proposed to or not.

Abby shared on-air her boyfriend gave her a diamond ring during an intimate setting complete with photographers and all - but he didn't get down on one knee. In fact, he didn't propose at all, or, at least, she doesn't think so?

"I didn’t get like an actual proposal," Abby explained. "I'm wearing [the ring]. It's a diamond ring. It's not like a cheap ring. I don’t think it's a promise ring. ... I'm confused. … I don’t know what it means."

But that's not the only thing...

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Watch back the on-air moment to find out more details from the maybe proposal that'll make you even more confused (and maybe cringe too. Eek!)