Tanya Uses Her ‘Dream Decoder’ to Analyze Ryan Seacrest’s Dream: Watch

Only Tanya Rad would have a dream decoder in her purse 😂 On Monday, January 13, Tanya helped decode Ryan Seacrest’s dream about shrimp and Post Malone.

It all went down after Seacrest hilariously revealed he randomly had a dream about the rapper writing a new song about shrimp.

“Post Malone was in my dream last night and he was writing new lyrics,” Seacrest told T.Rad and Sisanie. “… And one of them was about shrimp, but it was to the melody of ‘Circles.’ Bizarre.”

Tanya then shared she received a dream decoder for Christmas and had it in her purse. The kit consists of hundreds of cards with categories like “body parts,” “shopping,” “children,” and “actor/celebrity" to help explain what your dream may be about.

While Post Malone was recently with Seacrest at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, there may have been another reason for Seacrest’s dream! Find out what the cards read in the video above and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan

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