These Are the Dating Terms You Need to Know in 2020


Raise your hand if you've been a victim of any of these! 😂 Remember ghosting and breadcrumbing? Well we’ve got a whole new list of terms to be aware of in 2020 ...

Things like being “glamboozled,” “fleabagging” and “yellow carding.”

Listen back to the audio below to find out which Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie and Tanya Rad have suffered while dating and check out the list below. Stay woke and godspeed 😳😂

Glamboozled: When you get all glammed up for a date… new haircut, new outfit…and then you get stood up. You’ve been glamboozled.

Fleabagging: Based on the Amazon Prime show with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, if you’re constantly choosing the wrong people, you’re fleabagging.

Flashpanning: Jumping ship when things get tough. People who do this again and again are flashpanners.

Yellow Carding: Yes, like in soccer. It’s basically giving your partner a warning. You’re not dumping them yet, but if this behavior continues…they’re getting a card.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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