Sisanie’s Family Wants to Break This Christmas Holiday Tradition: Watch

Bah humbug?! Sisanie’s family wants to switch up how they do Christmas presents this year and Sisanie isn’t down.

“We’re breaking tradition this year and I’m not for it,” Sisanie shared on-air on Tuesday, December 10, revealing that people in her family “want to save money” this year and are suggesting no gifts for adults to make it about the kids.

“But,” Sis added. “I love to give gifts so I don’t want to be robbed of that. If I want to give a gift, I should be able to give a gift!”

Sis explained that she's fine with those who want to save not gifting gifts, but she'd still like to give people presents. 

Watch back the on-air moment to find out how Seacrest feels about the dilemma and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan: What do you think? 

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