Insatiable's Debby Ryan on Finding the One: ‘I Feel Really Lucky’

Debby Ryan may only be 26 but she’s wise beyond her years — and fortunate to have found “the one” early on. The Insatiable star stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, October 17, and reflected on her relationship and engagement to Twenty One Pilot’s Josh Dun and expanded on portraying the destructive and satiric Patty on hit Netlix series Insatiable.

The former Disney star and musician got engaged in December 2018 after years of dating and announced the exciting news via Instagram with equally adorable posts.

“… Feels like growing up and moving through life is just evolving through different types of complicated,” Debby shared on IG at the time, which Seacrest then reread on-air. “He is where all the voices narrow into one sound. My only simplicity, where the important things are clear and the other things aren’t that important. He’s my heart outside my body.”

Seacrest exclaimed that reading her tribute back made him rethink his own IG captions.

“I mean it’s just a testament to inspiration I guess,” Debby explained, before gushing: “… I feel really lucky. It’s funny, I know a lot of people who got in relationships young and sometimes you see it and you’re like, ‘Oh, it feels like that because it’s that first feeling,’ but I actually got it right the first time. I feel really lucky.”

The actress added she's also fortunate to be a part of Netflix’s Insatiable, a satiric series about a bullied teenager who turns to beauty pageants as a way to exact her revenge, with the help of a disgraced coach who soon realizes he's in over his head.

“She has all this damage she never addressed,” Debby shared of her self-destructive character. “It’s so important for a cautionary tale. … To be like I would never go in these places … but certainly my kind of journey with disordered eating and self image has brought me to some really dark places and really damaging places to myself and some people around me and [while] Patty is on more of murder journey -- which has never been my particular journey -- dark places are dark places and the show affords us that kind of broadness and camp and … to be able to touch upon those themes.”

For a 26-year-old to be able to connect the dots outside her own life and character, Seacrest acknowledged is pretty impressive.

“I have smart parents. I mean; I was under a lot of pressure at a young age ... because I started acting and was publicly facing at a young age and there’s not a lot of room there when you know something is going to echo into [the masses],” Debby explained. “And it’s just also, you know, understanding consequences and understanding responsibility and that sort of thing. … It can be debilitating; but it can also be so encouraging. Like, you have a limited amount of time and the impact can be great, or it can be really profoundly irresponsible and what are you going to do with this? … It forces you to kind of reconcile your identity and your ethic system,” Debby concluded. “… There are people you can pour into and their just toxic energy sucks … but the biggest thing this has afforded me is to get to know interesting people and have cool conversations and make the journey a little easier.”

Watch back the full interview in the video above to find out more, including how (and why 😂) Tanya Rad had Debby’s location on Find My Friends for the past year and stream Insatiable season 2 on Netflix now!

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