The Dating App Photos Men And Women Swipe Right (And Left)

Serial Killer Conviction Prompts Police To Warn Of Dating App Dangers

Wanna up your dating app game? Here's what men and women will swipe right and left for, according to a Badoo survey:

Women swipe right for...

  • A profile picture on the countryside
  • A profile picture with a dog in it
  • A profile picture showing off tattoos

Women swipe left for...

  • A photo of a man with an attractive woman
  • Group photos
  • Shirtless photos

Men swipe right for...

  • A photo of a woman in her underwear or a bikini (duh!)
  • A profile picture in the countryside
  • A photo taken at the gym

Men swipe left for...

  • Group photos
  • A photo of a woman with an attractive man
  • A photo of a woman with a Snapchat filter

 Check out the entire list of dos and don’ts here.

Source: Independent; photo: Getty Images

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