Photos of Sisters With Different Body Types Prove Beauty Has No Size

Model Sophie Eloise Hall opened up on Instagram about looking wildly different from her own sister and how that doesn't mean one is more beautiful than the other.

Hall posted pictures from a recent swimsuit photo shoot that she did with her "much slimmer" sister and fellow model, Abigail. One of the captions reads:

To be honest having a sister that’s always been much slimmer than myself, along with a mother that always questioned “should you eat that Soph?” Then with nearly every girl being super slim in the magazines etc, It really did make me question my beauty and even my worth at times. I am so happy to see such a change in the modeling and fashion industry, where I can see women that I can actually relate to in something other than height. Believe me when I say your size doesn’t determine your worth or how beautiful you are. Your confindence, a warm heart and a strong belief in your self tells the world how beautiful you are.

Source: Cafe Mom; photos: Instagram

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