Here's What Happened When Kim K Revealed Her Identity To Her Surrogate

Kim Kardashian's surrogate had no idea whose baby she was carrying at first.

Kim revealed on The Real she was terrified the surrogate wouldn't be a fan of her and husband Kanye West.

"She didn’t know at the beginning. She didn’t know," the 37-year-old told the talk show hosts. And I just felt like, whoever is carrying my baby, what if they weren’t a fan of me or my husband? What if they didn’t want to be carrying our baby? I wanted to give them that choice, and be proud and on the same page. I wanted a relationship with her."

Luckily for Kimye, the woman-- who is in her mid-twenties with two children of her own-- is a fan of the couple and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"She was really excited. She was someone who had watched the show– not like a super fan, that it would have been uncomfortable, but she’d seen my struggle and how open I was about it, so she was really proud to do it."

Source: Cosmopolitan; photo: YouTube

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