7 Things You Can Do To Live A Happier Life

Happiness happens when we start doing what we want to be doing. Check out PopSugar's list of things you can do to live your best (and happiest) life.

1. Identify what would make you happier at work. Are you bored, overwhelmed of feeling stagnant at work? Consider what changes could solve the problem: adjust the balance in your current role, you can switch to an entirely new role or you can take on more responsibility-- there's always a solution.

2. Get things off your chest-- the right way. Don't bottle up your anger or frustration. Talk it out with a friend or family member or start journaling.

3. Stop feeling guilty about leaving the office on time. The time you spend on you is just as important as the time you spend on work.

4. It's okay to indulge in material things. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to things you love as a reward for your hard work.

5. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need. You'd be surprised how much your managers want to keep you happy if they value you and your talents.

6. Prioritize your hobby. Make time for the thing(s) you enjoy doing.

7. Take a vacation. Whether it's two weeks or two days, it's essential to have time away from work to reset, try new things and avoid burnout.

Source: PopSugar; photo: Getty Images

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