It's My Last Day!

Today is my last day filling in for Falen, and it's really emotional! I've loved being able to talk to you in the mornings again. A huge thanks to Dave and Steve-O for inviting me back, Jenny and Tina for being such a huge help in keeping me caught up, the bosses at KDWB for making this all work, Falen for being so great and understanding, and most of all, all of the incredible Dave Ryan Show listeners for making me feel so welcomed. It's been a blast; thank you for having me!

I hope you keep following me! You can find me here:

Instagram: @MsBethanyWatson

Twitter: @RadioBethany

Podcast: An Acquired Taste Podcast

And check out all of my other work and projects at my website,!

Thanks again for everything, friends, and WELCOME BACK FALEN!!!



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