Lena's Weekend in 5 Pics: Disturbing Sexy Santa Merman

Happy Monday! This weekend was busybusybusy. Anyone else counting on coffee to get them through their morning? ;)

My friend Jon and I have a friend in town right now, so Saturday night we all went to a super touristy place in NYC, Ellen's Stardust Diner. All of the wait staff sings as well as serves tables, and they're all CRAZY talented! The first time I went, I thought it would just be cheesy and I'd hate it. But it really shows you how many incredible performers there are out there, and you leave with a lot of respect for the hustle it takes to make it in the entertainment industry! Plus, it's a lot of fun :) Here's a pic Dennis and I took during dinner.

That night, we also went to a Christmas store that's open all year. There was a creepy "sexy Santa merman" ornament that Dennis said looked like my dad. It's horrifying and I'm still very upset.

Sunday, my aerial class had the big photo shoot we've been training for! All week, I've been working on my grip strength by pulling on bed sheets looped around a couch leg, and it paid off! This was the first shoot where my hands didn't give out before I finished all of my poses. We won't have the final shots for awhile but these are some behind the scenes pics my friend Wendy took!

Lastly, my cat Minerva loves trying to escape every time I come home. She's also part Ragdoll cat, so she goes completely limp and docile if she's laid on her back. So here's a pic of Dennis immobilizing Minerva to keep her from running outside. Notice that she looks completely content, despite the fact that her back legs are splayed out and she's upside down. She loves Dennis and would have been happy to sit in this position for awhile!

Despite the business of the weekend, I'm excited to be back on the air for another week! How was your weekend? How's the coffee? Do you need more coffee? Do you HAVE more coffee?? Wait, you have more coffee?! CAN I HAVE MORE COFFEE?? I NEED MORE COFFEE BZZZZZZZZZZZ



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