Lena's Weekend in 5 Pics: I Actually Left My House & Went to a Party!

Happy Monday! How did your weekend go? Here's a little bit of what I did!

One of my favorite things to do is bop around thrift stores, and this weekend I found a book that was about Dennis' two favorite things: filmmaking and true crime. He was THRILLED and I was like, "Thrift stores win again."

On Saturday, I went to my friend Jeremy's Halloween party. I already had a long red cape in my closet so I went as Little Red Riding Hood. Dennis had a gig and couldn't make it, so I brought his head. (Jeremy's a little out of focus because he's Captain America! He's too fast for photos! Too fast!)

Image preview

I have a photo shoot for my aerial class next weekend and I'm still pretty behind due to the time I had to take off for my ear surgery, so I worked my butt off in class this weekend. The biggest thing you lose when you can't train is your grip strength; you need to be able to hold yourself up in the air while you get into the different poses. My grip strength is coming back but I definitely feel weaker than I'd like to be. I'm trying not to panic :) Here are a couple of pics from class!

And, as always, I have to give you a cat pic. Here's a battle of wills I had with Minerva. (She won. She always wins.)

I hope you had the best weekend and are heading back into the week rested and ready to go! I also know that's probably not the case so COFFEE CHEERS! *clink* Enjoy your Halloween week and I'll be here with the rest of the show to support you in the mornings ;)



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