Lena's Weekend in 5 Pictures: Off With Her Head!

Happy Monday! This was a busy but fun weekend. Dennis and I got to hang out with my mom (they love each other, thank god) and it was a great time. Here are a few pics!

This weekend my sister was going through some old photo albums and sent this gem of when I was going through my "I'm only wearing swimsuits as clothes" phase. (I actually think I had a pretty legit haircut as a 4-year-old...)

Saturday I went to aerial. We're prepping for a photo shoot right now, so it's crunch time to get all of our poses set. I had to take last week off because of my eardrum surgery so I'm a little behind, but I worked my butt off Saturday to catch back up!

On Sunday, Mom, Dennis, and I went to the Museum of Illusions in NYC. They're less of the a-dude-in-eyeliner-and-leather-pants-makes-fire-come-out-of-his-palm-right-next-to-your-face illusions, and more how-are-you-standing-next-to-me-but-you're-twice-my-size illusions. It was super fun!

And, of course, here's an obligatory cat pic. (This is Loki's favorite spot: right next to the A/C. Even though we're in cooler weather now, he's still hoping that cold air will magically blow out of it and he'll get his "pop star fan.")

I hope you had a great weekend! Cheers to a new week!



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