Lena's Weekend in 5 Pictures: The Haunted Well

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and did what you wanted to do. Here's a few highlights from my weekend!

First, there's an old Disney movie called "Mickey's Christmas Carol" where Goofy plays Jacob Marley (Scrooge's ghosty old colleague who's like, "We both screwed up but if you stop being a huge jerk now, you won't have to carry these chains around in the afterlife like I do" and then falls down the stairs). My sister compared my ear drum surgery bandage to Goofy/Jacob Marley. Who wore it better?

On Saturday, my friend/producing partner Jon and I had a big editing day at his place. We're releasing season 2 of our web series "Labeled" on November 8th, so we're in a time crunch to tweak and perfect all of the episodes. I stole many of his french fries. He's a good friend and didn't care. (You can watch season 1 of "Labeled" here!)

Saturday night, I heard a story from 1799 about a woman named Gulielma Elmore Sands who was murdered in a well, supposedly by her secret lover, Levi Weeks. When he was brought to trial, however, Weeks hired super powerful attorneys including Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton (!!!) so he beat the charges. (After Weeks was found innocent, the woman's relatives reportedly yelled at Alexander Hamilton that they cursed him. So, you know, do what you will with that.) Anyway, fast forward and this same well - which is reportedly super haunted - is now in the basement of a COS store near men's sensible blazers. So I obviously had to go visit it. I didn't feel anything spooky, but it was also 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon and I was trying to avoid getting busted by salespeople.

Cat pics! Cat pics! Bring on cat pics! Here's a moment of rare getting-alongness between Minerva and Loki.

And last night, Minerva and her weird little face fell asleep in Dennis' hand. *sobs*

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, and cheers to fresh starts on Monday!



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