Lena's Weekend in 5 Pictures: the Figure in the Tree

I hope you had a great weekend! Here's what I did:

Saturday, Dennis and I visited his favorite cemetery. We both find cemeteries super peaceful and love the chance to turn our phones to silent and soak up nature. As we were walking, I noticed what looked like a looming hooded figure burned into one of the trees. Do you see it?

Here's a closer look:

It's just an area where a large branch broke off, but even from up close it looks like a hooded phantom floating over the graves! Guess what my new favorite tree is? ;)

After hanging out in the cemetery, Dennis and I were fully in the Autumn mood and visited a "pumpkin patch" (a bunch of pumpkins and some hay bales set up outside a food court). Because we're ridiculous, we decided to get an overly-enthusiastic Autumn photo.

In aerial silks on Sunday, I worked on getting my splits super straight in this move called "Stag." Even though my knees are bent, there should still be a relatively straight line from one knee to the other. I'm getting there, but we still have some work to do!

Lastly, Loki fell asleep with his little flat chin on a pillow and it was so dang cute, I had to post this pic. It's not a weekend without your animals, right?

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too! Cheers to a fresh week and a fresh start!




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