Lena's Weekend in Five Pictures: Ow, My Body.

Happy Monday, loves! This weekend was crazy busy but really fun. Here are a few pics!

Saturday I was the Voice of God at the Global Citizen Festival for my fourth time. This gig is so much fun because it's a long day with a lot of energy and it's live voiceover, so you're always a little afraid you're going to fumble your words over a microphone reaching thousands of people and also a worldwide audience.... Luckily, I didn't screw up my words at all (or swear)!

This was how I watched the concert: from a monitor inside my little VO booth.


Sunday I went to my aerial silks class. I'm really working on my flexibility right now so although my face looks moderately peaceful here, I'm stretching and flexing every muscle in my body and in a significant amount of discomfort. (The good kind of discomfort - the kind that means you're inching your body forward in flexibility while listening to what your body's limits are. You should NEVER be hurting your body to gain flexibility or you'll injure yourself. I learned this the hard way in high school dance when I tried to force the splits, and my left hamstring still isn't the same! Be gentle with your body :)

And of course, it wouldn't be a weekend without a pic of my cats Loki and Minerva looking judgmental.

I hope your weekend was relaxing, exciting, or as chill as you wanted it to be!




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