Jenny's List of 10 Things to do in Her Hometown, Fond du Tucky

No one ever asked me to do this, but I did anyways. Here's a list of things to do in my hometown, Fond du Lac, WI, or as Dave likes to call it Fond du Tucky:

  1. Catch pig breeding at the Johnsonville Plant
  2. Great chance of getting a wound that requires stitches
  3. You don’t have to fly to Vegas to catch the latest fight because there's usually a good brawl at Fat Joe's around 10pm on Fridays
  4. There's a hilly street off of Main that if you go fast enough in your dad's astro van you can catch some air
  5. There's a giant pothole on 2nd Street I like to hang out and watch people take out their muffler
  6. On Friday nights, you can see Officer Olson perform at The Caddyshack with his Nickelback tribute band, Bonagraph
  7. As far as dining goes, Colleen on the west side of town makes a really good grilled cheese
  8. Every Tuesday on the river bank, several teenage boys push a boulder down the hill
  9. If you swing by NAPA Auto Parts, Clarence will show you how he pops his shoulder out of joint  
  10. This is something only the locals know about, but if you find yourself near the Fond du Lac High School, head to the East parking lot, and you’ll see the local meth dealer who has some great specials on Monday.

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