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Falen's Taylor Swift Weekend in 6 Pictures 6/23-6/25

This is gonna be a Taylor Swift post. Months ago, when we heard Taylor was coming to town, my friend, Harry and I knew the tickets would be hard to get. He agreed to try for Friday, and I'd try for Saturday...just to get at least one pair. You know all about the Ticketmaster chaos, so you know we both sat online for 6 hours. By some miracle, we both got tickets, and we agreed to just say screw it and go both nights. I am very aware how lucky we are, and I've had this level of almost guilt because I know so many people did not have the same luck. I just wanted to start by saying that. Friday we went HARD! We got to the venue at 3:30, and doors were at 4:30. We only arrived that early because that's when the bus we purchased tickets for had drop off. It actually wasn't hard at all to get down there. We went to our seats and almost died. We had no idea how good they'd be. By the time the show was over, I was maybe the most exhausted I'd ever been. We were lucky enough to score the most desired merch -crew necks, and I just thought...wow...if I'm tired, how is Taylor doing this?!

Night one her surprise songs were "Paper Rings" and "If This Was a Movie". I knew the first, but I didn't know the second that well, so I was a bit disappointed TBH. I'm not a huge Bon Iver fan (just haven't really listened to him, so don't know him well), but I was thinking he'd come out, and it would be cool to have a surprise guest.

Even so, the show was beyond amazing! Here are pics from night 1. My outfit was from the Folklore Era, and there weren't many of us Folklore girlies!

Okay I know I've already hit 5, but I have 1 added bonus. Night 2 was just different. We arrived closer to time, so we weren't as exhausted for 1. We had different seats, so we could see the designs on the stage which was cool! And immediately, the audience was just different. It was just EXTRA loud. I could tell Taylor felt it too, and she had a different vibe night 2. Now if you only went to night 1, just know both were epic. BUT by now, you know she truly gave night 2 the biggest gifts ever. She performed "Dear John" as a surprise song. She gave a full speech beforehand. She's re-releasing the album that song is on, Speak Now, and she gave a speech about how she doesn't want people on the internet to attack the person they think the song is about. John Mayer. The decibels hit 118 when she said she was performing it which is insane. It's my favorite off of that album and tears began immediately.

I posted her full speech and song on tiktok below-it BLEW up of course because she hasn't done that song in like 11 years, and I honestly assumed she'd NEVER do it live again.

I then wondered if she'd bring Bon Iver out. Nope. Instead, she chose the song I had told Harry over-and-over again was my top pick. Daylight. Then the tears REALLY came out! Wow! As we were leaving, it was a torrential downpour, and it was truly the best concert of my life!

Thank you to everyone that exchanged friendship bracelets with me. I could cry just thinking about seeing all the beautiful outfits everyone worked so hard on and the amazing memories made.

Thank you for reading this far if you did. I went more lavender haze/sparkly night 2.

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