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Falen's Long Weekend in Chicago Pictures

I realize it's a luxury to fly anywhere, so I won't complain. I'll just say the few flights I've taken this year have all had delays. Wednesday I flew to Chicago for a radio convention, and Jake and the kids drove out Friday. My flight was delayed again today, so I just rode back with them. We just got home. I am SO ready to sleep in my own bed, but this week was BEYOND fun. It's meeting/seeing all the people I love on social media/in radio in one place...AND learning from the best.

I've been to a few in the past, but this might have been my favorite one, and I got to speak on a panel. Jenny and Dave did as well. I will say it's pretty cool to see how popular Dave is to so many people. He really is a legend to so many people in our industry. Jenny, Drake and I shared a room, so get ready for some stories on the show tomorrow lol!

Here's a picture of the women I spoke on a panel with.

This is Sarah Pepper. We did a morning show together in Indiana, and now she has a show in Houston.

This is Jay Love, my old boss in Reno. He's now in Vegas!

I ADORE the Mojo in the Morning Show, all of them. They're on in Detroit. This is Mojo. He won an award this year!

You might remember this icon...Angi Taylor. She has her own show in Chicago!

AND of course ya boi!

Once Jake was in town, we walked around, went to the Shedd Aquarium, went to his favorite pizza spot (Pequods), and on your recommendation, took an architectural boat tour which was SO cool!

While waiting in line for the tour Olive told us she had to pee. We asked her to hold it one minute until we got on the boat. She did for as long as she could...but ended up peeing on Jake...

We checked out the Navy Pier where I met Mary (I hope I got the spelling right!) who listens to our show. She was in Chicago for a concert, and we ran into each other!

We had a great time and are excited to be back on the show tomorrow! Happy Fair Week:)

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