Falen's Mother's Day Weekend in 5 Pictures

Hello! Happy Mother's Day:) While today was dreary, this weekend was wonderful.

Friday we went to the Justin Bieber concert. Shoutout to all that said hi to me there! Look, the worst concert I ever went to was his a few years ago, but then I found out later he was going through a very hard time, so I understood. I didn't feel like this was the best either, and I hate saying that. I know TONS of others who loved it, so that's all that matters. He sings SO well, but I just felt like he was so detached...like he wanted to get through it if you know what I mean? Wearing sunglasses most of the time, not smiling, rarely talking to the crowd...anyway-just one person's take.

AND this made me laugh...he commented this on a video someone posted of him singing "Ghost" at our show...lol

Saturday we went to the zoo to see the farm babies!

Saturday night I went to celebrate my friend, Harry's birthday at a place I hadn't been to before. It was such a pretty restaurant called, Khaluna!

And today we did check out the Arboretum plant sale and got a few things...had a great brunch with my mom...and visited Jake's mom! VERY busy weekend. I'll be on Twin Cities Live tomorrow with Elizabeth. Check it out if you get a chance:) Thank you for looking at my pictures:)

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