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Are These Dating Behaviors Red Flags or Green Flags?

Have you ever started a new relationship and been so swept off your feet that you missed some RED FLAGS?


Buzzfeed polled their readers on several dating behaviors, and asked whether they are red flags or green flags. Here are the results:


1.  Giving small gifts, early on in the dating process. 85% said that's cool, or a "green flag." 15% disagreed and said it was a RED flag.


2.  Texting you all day. 47% said that's a green flag. 53% said it's a red flag.


3.  Asking you to hang out more than twice a week. 82% said that's a green flag, 18% said it's a red flag.


4.  Calling you "mine." 36% said that's a green flag. 64% said it's a red flag.


5.  Introducing you to their friends and family within the first six months of dating. 90% said that's a green flag. 10% said it's a red flag.  (In the age of online dating, it might be sketchy if you DON'T meet any friends or family.)


6.  Consistently seeing a therapist. 70% said that's a green flag. 30% said it's a red flag.


7.  Talking about making long-term plans with you . . . early on. 36% said that's a green flag. 64% said it's a red flag.


8.  Wanting to "share locations" on social media. 18% said that's a green flag. 82% said it's a red flag.


9.  Making a point to plan all your dates. 40% said that's a green flag. 60% said it's a red flag.


10.  Calling you multiple times a day. 21% said that's a green flag. 79% said it's a red flag.


11.  Not being great at texting, but being great in person. 76% said that's a green flag. 24% said it's a red flag.


12.  Not texting "Good Morning" right when you wake up. 71% said that's a green flag. 29% said it's a red flag.





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