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Every McDonald's Dipping Sauce, Ranked...Do You Agree?

I'm so lame that I ask for plain honey with my mcnuggets, but what do you think about this ranking?

McDonald's recently announced that they're bringing back their SZECHUAN DIPPING SAUCE . . . starting today. But you can only get it through the app, and only while supplies last, which might only be a few days.


The people at Uproxx.com taste-tested each of the sauces . . . on both chicken nuggets and fries . . . put out a definitive ranking of how they stack up. And here are the results:


1.  Szechuan . . . If you haven't had it, it is dominated by sweet notes, and isn't spicy or hot. They say it leans more on "brown sugar and ginger flavors, almost Teriyaki-like, with a smoky after-taste."


2.  Spicy Buffalo . . . It's the only actual "hot" sauce McDonald's currently offers. They describe it as a cayenne pepper-forward flavor, with garlic and onion notes.


3.  Sweet N' Sour . . . It's more sweet than sour. They describe it as apricot and plum with a brown sugar after-taste.


4.  Hot Mustard . . . Again, not "hot" like you may think. Instead, it's a heavily vinegar-forward flavor, with a sweet garlic finish. They say it's a step down from the discontinued Honey Mustard sauce, which was sweeter and spicier.


5.  Ketchup . . . Surely EVERYONE has had McDonald's ketchup. They say it tastes almost exactly like Heinz, but it's apparently a proprietary recipe.


6.  Ranch . . . They weren't fans, describing it as a sour-forward "cheap" taste . . . "more an approximation of ranch dressing than actual ranch dressing."


7.  Mustard . . . It's a bit boring, and doesn't have the complexity of a good mustard. It's a little bit blunt and bitter, with a vinegar-dominant flavor.


8.  Tangy BBQ . . . They call it, "legitimately," the worst barbecue sauce they've had. It's heavy on vinegar notes with a sweet tomato-forward flavor. And they add, "There are no traces of smoke here, it’s sugary sweet and bright with a tangy almost sour after taste. Truly the weirdest BBQ sauce ever."




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