Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 11/12-11/14

Hello! Happy Sunday! I wore a dress today, and it was a horrible decision. Let's start with some stories! I have a funny one about a weird full-circle truly Minnesotan event that occurred this weekend. Saturday Jake and I stopped to get coffee before Olive's first dance class. I got mine super fast because it was iced. The hot drinks were on MAJOR delay so after 15-20 minutes, I had to bail to get to her class on time. Jake was sad, but we moved on. He stopped at caribou and got a plain black coffee instead lol.
Later that day, I checked my DM's and had received this DM...

I laughed so hard. I told them I hoped it was good, and they confirmed it was. Now here's the extra funny part....it turns out JENNY was at that wedding. What are the odds?! Too funny!

Anyway, it was Olive's first dance class, and she refused to do almost everything. She cried, refused to walk, then she crawled on the parachute and refused to get out of the center. Jake was in the class with her while I watched. I was feeling embarrassed like she was the worst kid ever...and a mom came out and told me it was her daughter's 2nd year...that her daughter cried every time for months. Other mom's told Jake the same thing inside. Basically, all the moms we're so kind and supportive, and it reminded me that I was comparing Olive on her first day to kids that had been doing it for weeks/years...which isn't fair. It was a good lesson for me as an adult too. We all compare ourselves to people who have "made it farther than us" which really isn't fair to do to ourselves because we're all at different places in our lives.

We also decided to put up our Christmas tree. We haven't put ornaments on it yet...we're testing out Edith and how she handles just the tree first.

We wanted to do something Saturday afternoon, but couldn't think of anything, so we realized we've been wanting to try Back Channel Brewing. They're so close to us in Mound. It was SO great! Shoutout to Kellie over there. We'll definitely be back. Plus, they had one of our favorite food trucks ever on-site, Russell's Traveling Kitchen. Check both out if you haven't yet!

OH! AND we got our Christmas cards already. I know...it's early, but I'm happy to have it completed. AND even though Dave thinks there's no point in sending a card if you don't hand-write anything...I saved myself the hassle and had them pre-addressed! It's amazing! haha

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