Falen's Weekend in 5 Pictures 10/15-10/17

Friday was the busiest part of my weekend for sure. It was a little chilly, but we did our annual trip to the Arborteum. I was sad because they've had a scene from the Lion King the past 2 years, and I get a photo of Jake holding Olive out next to it, but it wasn't anywhere to be found this year. We still checked out all the pretty flowers and fish and leaves!

Friday night, Jake had setup a surprise date for us, but I pestered him the night before because I needed to know how to dress...like is it fancy or nah? We went to a restaurant called The Bungalo Club. It isn't new at all, but it was our first time, and I've wanted to go for a long time. It was so good, and their menu changes all the time. They make most things in-house it seems. AND I LOVE toast with ricotta cheese. This one was amazing! It also had house-made apple butter, olive oil and nuts. OMG!

AND the surprise event was the Jim Gaffigan comedy show. I've never seen him ever-even on TV, but I have always heard he was great. He WAS! Plus, they were filming here in Minneapolis for his Netflix special which was cool. And I purposely took the way too close-up photo of Jake lol!

Saturday I tried making Half Baked Harvest's Chex Mix. I love ALL of her recipes, but this one wasn't a favorite I'll be honest. I haven't ever made chex mix before, so if you have a great recipe, send it my way. I definitely wanna add peanuts next time!

We went out to Jake's mom's house for dinner to celebrate his brother's birthday, and Olive enjoyed warming by the fire with her Grandpa Fred!

Today I've been collecting toys Olive has outgrown. I posted on Instagram asking where to donate, so I'll put together a list of things I find. We also finally finished Squid Game! I really hope you had a great weekend, because it was just DREAM fall weather! Thank you for checking out my pics! I hope you have a great week:)

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