Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures (From Salem) 10/8-10/10

My friend's and I decided to take a weekend trip to Salem, and a weekend is really all you need. We flew into Boston then drove about an hour to Salem. It only took that long due to traffic. On day one, we walked around the main streets in Salem, had dinner (at Turners which was great), and I bought a modern witch hat of course. Then we watched Hocus Pocus at our AirBnB. Before we went to our house, we grabbed some wine. My friends (Harry, Raven and Lauren) went inside the liquor store, and I was outside talking to Olive and Jake. When I was off the phone, a girl demanded she do a photoshoot of me with her femur bone. She pretty much nailed it. It was super strange and amazing! LOL!

Saturday we got up super early to grab coffee and were off to see the Hocus Pocus sights. First we stopped at the Witch House.

Then Allison's house from Hocus Pocus was right next to that!

We visited other houses, the Pioneer Village, Town Hall, the school and the cemetery.

I have more photos from other stops on my Instagram @falenkdwb which also has a horrible video we made where we acted out Harry Potter scenes. We ended the night with a Salem ghost tour. They have them EVERYWHERE there! It ended at a house that the board game Clue was modeled after which also included a murder!

Salem was super cool. The streets were packed with people in costume, taking tours, truly enjoying Halloween. There were people who are regulars and and make money is super great costumes like Pennywise, Freddy Krueger and more! If you go, get ready to have fun and make meal reservations before you go! LOL

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