Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 10/1-10/3

Hi! I'm just over here figuring out if I need a tank top or a sweater...
I set a new workout goal this month to ride 100 miles, so I rode the bike Friday and Saturday. Friday we went to dinner with Benjamin (he's on the show sometimes) and his boyfriend, Tony. It was great, and very evident the restaurant wanted us to leave when they came over and asked if they could clear our water glasses lol. We took the hint and left. Saturday we went to Truskploration. Someone had told me about it. They had a bunch of truck and tractors etc in a lot. Kids could climb in them, so it was pretty cool!

When we got home, I pulled out my Halloween decorations, and I set up my mums like this. I found the skeleton pieces at Target.

We went to Jake's moms house for dinner, and she made some of the best white bean chicken chili I've ever had. I'll see if I can get the recipe from her to share!

Today we continued a tradition we started last year. We went to Fawn-Doe-Rosa...however Olive was much more scared of the animals this year...

And we stopped at Lendt's on the way home. It's SUCH a great pumpkin patch, and the pumpkins are at a great price! Thank you for checking out my weekend pics!

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