Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 9/10-9/12

Hi! What a weekend! I was quite busy with things, so let's start with Friday. I try to go to the Basilica Block Party every year. I love AJR, so I went Friday night to see them. I met a ton of people which is always fun, so I had to grab some pics!

Saturday I drove out to Treasure Island for the Lizzo concert with my sister-in-law, Hannah. Lizzo said it was her first concert in 2-years, and it was SO good!

AND today was Olive's 2nd birthday party. Her birthday is this Wednesday, and she's very into Dinosaurs, so that was the theme. Tina showed up in her T-Rex costume which mostly just terrified the children.

Jake's brother and his girlfriend, Laura made the awesome birthday cake! AND the bounce house was a hit!

It was a pretty great weekend! I hope you had a great one too.

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