Falen's Weekend in Five Pics 8/20-8/22

Fridays are great days for us because we can usually get off of work around 10:30. Well, I was about to head home when I got a text from my mom that Olive didn't feel well, so Friday was consumed with holding a baby with a fever:( She prefers Jake ALWAYS, but she did let me snuggle her for a while. We think she's teething because the fever broke, and she was good Saturday. I did get Edith a new toy, so that brought her some joy on Friday.

Also, while at Target, I got myself these light yellow sunflowers:)

Saturday was a weird day where things just didn't go according to plan. We went to get breakfast, and after ordering, the waitress came over to tell us she was sorry, but they don't actually serve food until 10. We got there at 9. They are new, but we drove to Minneapolis for that breakfast spot, so it was a bit disappointing. We finished our coffee and went to Room and Board Outlet. This was the line. INSANE. Once it opened, the line flew in. I made it in right before the line cut off, but didn't find anything.

Later that day, we met Tina and her friends at the LTD block party for some beers, and it was such a beautiful day. I got to meet a bunch of people that listen to the show, so that was awesome! I love when people come say hi!

And today I did a little bit of meal prep for some lunches this week. I just add salt, pepper and olive oil to these. I cook them at 400 for 35 minutes:) I hope you had a great weekend!

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