Falen's Long Weekend Pictures

Hiiiii! I took Friday and Monday off to hang out with my friends that were visiting from Indiana. Heidi and Abby were my college roommates. Heidi is married to Andy and has 2 daughters, Amelia and Scarlett.

SO here we go! Friday we rented a boat so they could experience the lakes in Minnesota!

And Friday night we went to get tattoos. We have matching star tattoos on our feet from college...very original! haha! I got an olive branch for obvious reasons;) BTW the talented artist is tagged on my Instagram post! @falenkdwb

Saturday I had the great idea of going to play putt putt, but it was hot, and Olive had meltdowns, and it was packed...basically it was a horrible idea. This picture is not flattering, but man does it capture the day!

We went to get ice cream that night, and Olive had to have some of Scarlett's ice cream lol!

The guys took the kids to the lake to fish, and we went shopping in Excelsior. Today we went to the Minnetonka Regional Park for a beach day. It was such a good time!

They're headed back to Indiana tomorrow, and I'm back on the show. We're all exhausted! LOL here's one more cute pic of the girls on a swing. Thank you for checking out my pictures!

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