Falen's 4th of July Weekend in 6 Pictures

I'm tired and debating not eating dinner because I don't want to fix anything...lol!
Friday after work...almost forgetting I had an oil change scheduled, we checked out the Minnetonka Regional park beach, and it was great!

Friday night I had dinner with my friends, Harry and Tina. These are the ideal friends because we had dinner at 4:30p, and we LOVED it. we tried Josefina in Wayzata which was very good!

Saturday we rented a boat, but made a mistake and had too many people. I volunteered to not go on the boat, but I saw them later and hung out on the lake near our house. This is Jake's sister, Hannah with Olive!

We hung out and had some great food and Sunday we went to the Excelsior kid's parade. We didn't know a lot about it, but we didn't decorate Olive or her stroller...big mistake! LOL everyone else was majorly decorated. I sweat profusely, but it was super cute, and I'm sure we'll do it again!

Jake bought a kayak on-sale this weekend, so he took her out on her maiden voyage! We didn't go see fireworks because we were exhausted...haha I hope you had a great weekend!

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