Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 6/18-6/20

Friday was kinda crazy because I recorded the last episode of Heartbroken-my podcast. The new episode, and final episode will be out this Friday. It's the story of Emily who found out her boyfriend of 4-years had a girlfriend for 18 months...yeah it gets crazy. I have a lot of people asking why, and the honest truth is, it's hit 3 years, and it feels like it's time to find something new. I love doing it, but it is a lot of work, I don't make any money on it, and sometimes, things run their course. SO please listen to the final episode this week. I'm so proud of this podcast, and so thankful to anyone who has listened!

Saturday was Lake Patrol, and it was my first one of the year. I was teamed up with Jenny, so it was a ton of fun. We even shot a TikTok which was Jenny's idea! See it on my Instagram-@falenkdwb

I finished this season of Working Mom's on Netflix. It wasn't my favorite season, but it was still great! I also JUST finished an audiobook which is a cute light read if you're looking for one called "People we Meet on Vacation". Saturday after lake patrol I was sitting on the couch with Jake and was like...should we do something?! haha Luckily, my mom came over, and we went to Pryes where Jenny and Tina were for a block party...it was a ton of fun...

until we went to get ice cream. We drove Jenny and Andrew because they rode their bikes. When we were getting out of Jake's truck he mentioned his tire pressure was low, but I could hear the air coming out when I got out. I was like this isn't good. It went flat immediately. Jake and Andrew changed the tire while we ate ice cream and blared Shania Twain on Jenny's bluetooth speaker. We we're VERY annoying!

AND of course today was Father's Day. We went to Rosalia for Pizza, and I picked the perfect weather day for the MPLS Water Taxi...it was only lightly raining until we got out on the water, and then all hell broke loose! LOL We still had fun. I hope you had a great weekend!

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