Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 5/14-5/16

This weekend doesn't have a ton of photos because we went to Illinois for Jake's Aunt Debbie's Memorial service. I met Debbie a few times, and one thing we had in common was a love of bird watching...except she knew what she was identifying and took the most beautiful photos. We flew to Chicago, and Olive was a disaster on the plane. She wasn't loud, but she would NOT stop squirming. She's at the age where we just need to get her her own seat. We were milking the last couple of trips before she turns 2, but we're done with that. AND they kept changing our return flight, so we ended up canceling and renting a car to drive home today...what a fun surprise! She was a peach in the car though...I couldn't believe how good she was.

Friday night we went to Jake's cousin's house to see family, and we all fell in love with their cat, Razzi (I hope I have the spelling right!)

Saturday was a lot of sitting around in the hotel. We tried a place called Tasty Biscuit, and the serving sizes were so huge and ridiculous. We hung out with Jake's cousins. We're planning a family trip with them this summer to Glacier. They didn't bring their kids on this trip, so Olive was the only kid.

BUT Jake wanted Olive to meet his grandparents understandably. I captured the photo of someone else taking their photo! haha

Like I said, we drove back today. I'm hoping to watch The Woman in the Window tonight. We read the book for book club. I'm hoping it's good. I also have been keeping an eye on the birds nest in our wreath. Today I noticed a new egg and was so confused, but I learned that some birds are like parasites and drop their eggs off for other birds to take care of. So this appears to be a Cowbird egg...

AND I am amazed at the flowers that are coming up in our yard. The previous owners were truly wonderful. We have so many peonies, and I am so excited to see them blossom. This magnolia tree just started a couple of weeks ago, and today I noticed some lilacs next to it. I've been using the app Dave told me about called Picture This to identify them all.

I hope you had a great weekend! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my photos!