Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 4/30-5/2

Friday we started watching the Beauty and the Baker on Netflix. I thought it was a movie, but it's a show, and it looked so cheesy. Well, it is, but I also like it, and Jake did too! We had to enjoy the weather on Saturday, so we went for a nice long walk and stopped for lunch at Dakota Junction. It's a super cute restaurant in Mound.

Looking through my photos has proven I took terrible pics this weekend. We also hit the beach...

AND we tried a new restaurant. Jake's sister recommended it, and it was so good! It's called Chips Clubhouse in St. Paul. The burger was so good and salty. I felt weird asking to take a pic with the couple we were out with because it was our first time out with them. SO I took this horrible photo in Jake's dark car.

We both got our second dose of our vaccine today, and I hoping I don't have side effects. I'm drinking a lot of water! Shoutout Burnsville Walmart!

AND my mom is moving closer to us today! Yay! We had to get a pic with College Muscle Movers. That's who we used to move, so we are using them again. I hope you had a great weekend!