Here Are the Names Everyone's Picking for Their Babies Right Now

You know what baby names are hot? Ones that were HUGE at the 1930 World's Fair.

Well, these are all adorable!
The baby naming website Nameberry just released a list of names that parents in the U.S. are searching for the most. And the boy names are some real "traveling salesman going town to town by stagecoach selling tonic" stuff.

The five boy names that the most people are searching for are: Silas . . . Atticus . . . Arlo . . . Theodore . . . and Finn.

The five girl names that the most people are searching for are: Luna . . . Maeve . . . Aurora . . . Isla . . . and Aurelia.

Just because people are searching these names doesn't mean they're ALL going to choose the names. But it DOES mean those are the trendy names right now that are at least making people the most curious. (Buzzfeed)