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WOW! Such a Fun Idea to Spice Up Date Night!

I wanted to share this amazing email! On the Minnesota Goodbye (after-the-show podcast we do), I was asking for date night tips. This one is so fun, so I wanted to share!


I love the show and the podcast!

Last Thursday Falen asked for date night ideas. My husband and I have been married for 10+ years and we needed to do something different because we were stuck in the same pattern for each date night we went on.

I had read in a book that the Characters did an A to Z Date Nights. It sounded great so my husband and I gave it a go! It was fun and pushed us to get out of our rut and do new things again.

So the idea is you go on 26 dates. In the book they did it weekly, but you could go every other week or even just once a month. Each partner is in charge of a different letter/date trading off. 

For instance, Falen would be in charge of the A date. She could take Jake to an archery place, an arcade, or maybe just park somewhere talking while listening to Ariana Grande. Jake would have the B date and he could arrange bowling, baking, or beat boxing lessons and you continue on through the alphabet (you need to get more creative and abstract for some of the letters). It is a great way to think outside of the box and do something different.

Love you guys! 

Thank you so much for such a great idea, Stacie!!!

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