Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 4/2-4/4

Let me start by saying Happy Easter! I may have actually gotten some sun?! If I can get these legs just a shade darker than Casper this year, I'll call it a win! Let's kick things off with Friday. Jake and I had the earliest date night. We tried the new restaurant StepChld, and it was good. We got the burger and brussels sprouts which were SO good! Then we were home by 6p! Wow! Crazy. We enjoyed the nice weather outside, and I forced myself on Jake's lap. I did it for a picture and to be funny. I never sit on his or anyone's lap!

Saturday Jake finished a patio table he made. I'm SO impressed by him. He's now built a desk and this table. I wanted a Target table, and he said he could build it. The price of wood is expensive, but we found a discount area at the Jordan lumber yard, and it ended up being drastically cheaper! The chairs are from Target though!

I found these cute little bird nests on Pinterest and decided to make them. They were super easy. I did switch the noodles out for pretzels though!

This is just a ridic pic of Edith stretched out on me on Saturday night. Jake's brother was in a bicycle accident, he's okay thankfully, so I hung with the cat and dogs. Olive was asleep.

And that brings us to today-Easter. Olive is still too young to grasp an egg hunt, but we enjoyed the beautiful weather and Jake's new table for an Easter brunch!