Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 3/26-3/28

I just picked up sticks in my yard....#adulting! This weekend was deceiving. It looked nice out, but was still cold. We did luck out Friday with some great weather for the MN zoo. It was Olive's first time since she could walk, and we went with Jake's mom! I think the bears were her favorite.

Saturday was such a weird day. I felt a bit off but went to get some flower pots and bird seed at Frattallone's...YEP...bird seed. My birds are picky and thought the previous seed I got was trash, and since I'm always trying to please everyone and get everyone, including birds, to like me...I got them new seed. AND THEY LOVE IT! I had Jake install this beautiful and cheap/sketch light I got off of Amazon in our laundry room. I'm planning to update the laundry room by painting the walls and cabinets and adding new lights. A simple update that I think will make a big impact!

I also purged a bunch of random stuff I can't seem to let go of...random lotions and oils and makeup I've had for years. You know now that it's in the trash, I'll need it for something next week. We got up this morning and had breakfast at the Grocer's Table, and it was super good!

We also finally checked out Gale Woods Farm since it's super close to us, and it was super cute!

AND I got some ranunculus because they're in season! They're my second favorite flower behind peonies, and Trader Joe's had them! SCORE!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I truly appreciate you checking out my pictures:) -Falen