Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 2/19-2/21

HELLO! Happy Sunday. Did you get a chance to listen to E. White, our night host on my Heartbroken Podcast this weekend? If not, you should definitely check it out.

This week I saw a woman post a green paint color I really liked. Our small bathroom/powder room is a very bright green. I don't love it, so I thought a different shade of green might be nice. I went to Frattallone's Ace Hardware and got the paint. I didn't get a sample first. I will say it doesn't look green in my bathroom to the naked eye! haha I think she had more natural light in hers? Ours looks much darker, but I like it. Since we painted it ourselves, we have a ton of touch ups to do. I did take a photo after it was done, and it does look green in the photo? So weird!

Jake's sister came over Friday night, and we went to the Suburban for burgers in Excelsior. It was our first time, and it was very good! I've heard Dave talk about it before, and it was a great rec!

Saturday I forced myself to workout, and we did more painting. We were invited to the Naughty Greek to try a new service they're offering. An old co-worker runs their social media, so he invited us. It was nice to have a night out, and it was exciting to see a creative way to celebrate again. I know it's been so hard for birthdays and bachelorette parties etc...they're offering a chef's dinner experience for groups of 6+. If there are more than 6 people, they split tables to keep things safe and distant. The menu changes for each event. We really enjoyed it!

Today we went to my friend, Laura's new photography studio. She has been photographing her friend's kids this weekend. She's so good with kids, and created a space that's so great for parents. She has snacks and clothes for them. Like SUPER cute clothes which takes the stress of finding a cute outfit out of the whole process! She sent me a quick little sneak as we were leaving. I can't wait to see them all. Find her on Instagram: @littlelion.studio

AND it was very close to my mom's house. She fixed us an amazing lunch/dinner! YUM! I hope you had a nice "warm" weekend! haha!