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How to Help Other Women

I asked on Instagram for ideas...ways to support/help other women. Women you do and don't know. It doesn't have to be a financial assist, and here are the ideas I got!

Get ready to celebrate International Women's Day/Week in March! (this is a drawing I had made of my high school buddies and me a few years ago!)

Help them with a skill (Ex: Excel, PowerPoint etc)

Quick Appreciation Texts

A Genuine Compliment (non-physical)

Ask them 3 times how they're doing

Offer a nail date on you

Offer to take their kids for an afternoon (offer a specific date/time etc, so they know you're serious)

Check in on them. Everyone is dealing with something

Be a Mentor

Venmo them for coffee/cocktail

Support their side hustle

Send snail mail to them

Recognize women in a mostly male group setting

Stop: Judging, comparing, putting down other women-SUPPORT each other

Send them food (Door Dash etc)


Simply point out something they did that you think is super cool

Review businesses, follow hashtags and comment nice things 

Introduce yourself, acknowledge them

Network, connect women who have something important in common

Show outward positivity on social media toward others

Promote them on social if that can hel them

Don't speak badly about them behind their backs

Help make connections in their industries

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