Falen's Long Weekend in 5 +1 Photos 2/12-2/15

I had to kick off the weekend with the final installment of "The All The Boys". It was SO cute! It's on Netflix. 1 and 3 were definitely the best!

Olive pulled her huge bear over...it took about 15 minutes and an assist from dad. They enjoyed some stories together:)

For Valentine's Day, Jake ordered me a cake which was SO sweet, and Olive made this masterpiece!

I had a cocktail with Tina! She is beauty. She is grace. I think I enjoy a little spice to my margarita which is surprising because I typically don't like spice in anything.

One bonus photo since it was a long weekend. Dillon's mom invited us to a soft-opening of a new restaurant the company she works for owns. It's Hazelwood in Tonka Bay, and it opens on 2/17! Highly recommend!

We JUST finished the show "Your Honor" on Apple TV, and OMG! It's SO good! Wow! It's only 10 episodes. We've been watching deer in our yard all weekend too and just saw a buck! DANG! I hope you stayed warm this weekend. Thank you for taking time out of your day to check my pics. It is so appreciated it:)