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Things to do with Toddlers!

Of course I have the "mom guilt" of feeling like I'm too lazy with Olive's meals or playing with her/teaching her. SO I reached out for ideas. Olive hasn't been to daycare yet (thank goodness for my mom), but we're hoping to start her at 18 months. Due to that, she doesn't have a lot of built in activities that kids would get. Here are the ideas sent to me. I tried a few already and laughed because she didn't do them "properly" at all. She tried to eat the barley I put into a bin...or pour on the floor, but we're trying! haha
Someone also told me that sensory activities usually only hold attention for like 5-10 minutes, so don't get discouraged!

Make Playdough. Recipe: https://livingwellmom.com/easy-homemade-playdough-recipe/

Put snow in plastic bins with scoops or in bathtub with scoops. Scoop from one bin to another.

Same with macaroni, rice, kinetic sand, beans, cotton balls, pompoms etc

Cut a hole in the top of a container like peanut butter or cool whip. Have them place pom poms in the hole. 

Sensory paint bags-put paint in ziploc bags for them to smash around

Sticking spaghetti noodles through a collander

Bake/cook "together" give them utensils to "help"

Water time-water in bowls with utensils

Paint with water -we got a paint mat on Amazon or Buddha board or Melissa and Doug

Animals in uncooked rice. Have them "rescue" the animals

Tape Bubble Wrap to Floor

Kiwi Co Monthly Subscription

Light Table and some Bauspiel lucent cubes

Bubble Machine

Bingo Daubers on Paper

Cool Whip or shaving cream on table to play with for sensory

Finger Painting

Empty Boxes! haha

Glow Sticks in the bathtub

Measuring Cups and water

Sheels in EP or Home Depot (Olive goes with dad to Home Depot every weekend! haha)

Wooden Puzzles

Stacking Tupperware

Foam Blocks/duplo blocks

Painting Snow (I found a kit on Amazon) or squirt bottle with food coloring

Dry erase board with magnets

Stickers! Put targets on the wall for her to stick them on

Stacking toilet paper rolls

Water beads

Toddler Trampoline (Super safe froggy jumper)

"Tap a Toy" in a muffin container with tape. 

Toss things in empty laundry basket like socks

Tape tubes (toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper) on wall and let them drop stuff down like pompoms


Big Cardboard box to paint/draw on/put stickers on etc





Magna tiles

Put tape on table for her to pull off (good for motor skills)

Window Clings

Solo cups with a ball under one cup on the floor

Felt board on amazon with different themes for them to stick other felt items on

Some accounts to follow-I didn't double check these...







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