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My 2021 Focus-Goals...Whatever You Call Them!

I like resolutions, and I've definitely broken a lot of resolutions in the past. I'll still probably always do some version of them though! I like making vision boards. That's just where you put images and words on a board in a place you'll see it every day. In the past few years, I've just created Pinterest boards with those things. This year, I put these items on my board, and I might add more or adjust. What are you hoping to accomplish this year? Big or small?

Workout 18 times a month for at least 20 minutes (started this in December and did 24 days). A goal of 1200 miles on the peloton each quarter.

More activities with Olive!

Be more supportive, think of how ideas could work instead of how they might not.

Be in an art show (we'll see if 2021 allows something like this)

Invest x amount each month.

Read/listen to at least 18 books this year (I always do 12, but pushing myself a bit more.)

Donate to at least 1 charity a month.

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