Falen's Vacation Pictures!

Oh HI! It's been a while. How are you? Excited to leave 2020 behind? Well, I'm excited to get back to the show, so we must kick it off with some vacation photos! The first thing we did as soon as my vacation started was get a new kitty! We adopted, Edith (formerly Merry), from Angel of Hope. We don't know what kind of cat she is, but the vet guesses she has some Persian in her due to her "feisty" nature.

She quickly put the dogs in their place, but Elliott refuses to let her be in charge. They're doing great though. Olive loves her so much. The kitten already knows to be gentle with Olive, and we closely monitor Olive with all of the pets to make sure she's gentle with all of them.
Christmas was great! I built a HORRIBLE gingerbread house that I turned into a crime scene. Olive got a HUGE teddy bear, dad insisted on skis for her, and her favorite gift was her Coco guitar. Her Aunt Kara also got her a baby piano. HAHA lucky us! I had to share the hoodie I got for my nephew because it's awesome! My sister LOVED it!

We went to bed WAY before midnight, but we got some takeout and had a cup (yep, plastic cup) of champagne! haha! I got a new shirt from one of those sites you wonder if it's legit...it was. I have the site tagged on my Instagram (@falenkdwb) We took Olive out in the snow. I really don't remember playing in the snow a ton growing up even though we did have it in Indiana. I think it was because I didn't have siblings my age to play with. I also got some frames at an antique store to put some of my paintings in!

I made a bunch of new paintings with a new "vibe", and I'm very proud of them!

AND we did a few more home projects. Jake built a very cool work station in the garage to have a level area for woodworking and to sit his saw etc. We also took out the tile in the kitchen. This was very controversial because some people loved it. At the end of the day, I didn't, so I had to do what made me happy. I saw dragons when I looked at it, AND it just doesn't go with anything I have or my "style". Jake and his brother took it out and put in new tile yesterday. We have to grout it today. I also ordered a new pendant to hang above it, so once that comes in, I'll share an "after".

Thank you so much for checking out my pictures! I think we MIGHT try ice skating today? I'm worried about my legs! haha
I did a Peloton challenge with a friend in December where we agreed to work out 18 days in the month for at least 20 minutes. I did 24 days. The plan was you had to pay the other person $50 if you didn't do it. We're doing it again in January! I have 2 days done! Wish me luck, and feel free to use the challenge with a friend of yours...make the amount whatever you'd like! Happy New Year! Let's go 2021!