Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 11/6-11/8

Friday I met my buddy, Mike after the show for a beer at Utepils. As you know, it was super warm on Friday, but we checked out their winter garden haha, but it was still great. I had never been. I got the Hefeweizen, and it was great!

Since the day was so nice, we checked out a new dog park at the Carver Park Reserve. It has a whole path you can walk off leash with the dogs, and it was SO nice! Even Dolly didn't "lay down and give up". hahahha

Saturday we got our groceries, and I found this butter sculpture! I was HYPE! I got mine at Target but was told they're at Cub, Hyvee etc too. AND I was told they have Christmas ones too! Very exciting news. I am reading this realizing I'm at the point in my life where I'm hype over a butter sculpture. OK!

We tried to watch two Netflix Christmas movies. The first one was about 2 radio djs, so I had to watch it. It was horrible, but we finished it. It was horrible the Hallmark way, but then we tried to watch one about New York, and the acting was next level bad. We just turned it off. We purchased one of those kid bike trailers in March. Olive HATED it, so we haven't tried it since. However, it was so nice out this weekend, so we decide to give it another try, and she liked it! Here's my recommendation though...don't take a spin class then go on a bike ride. OMG it was painful!

I've been debating making a big painting for our house. Jake keeps encouraging me, but it's scary. The biggest I do is 12x12. I took a painting I already have and just went for it. I painted it white so I have a blank canvas! I'm gonna start working on it this week. I keep telling myself if it sucks, I can just paint it white and try again! haha I think there's a metaphor for life somewhere in there. Thanks for all of the kind words this week btw. It really sucked. I casually write thank you often, but please know how much you mean to me. Thank you!