Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 9/25-9/27

We have been invaded by wasps. We paid a company to come spray, and they couldn't find the nest, so they just randomly sprayed, and it didn't help at all. They are everywhere and huge. SO today we had to battle one in our house. You can see the hilarity unfold on my Instagram stories, @falenkdwb

Friday, Jake FINALLY cut his hair off. His sister is an expert, so she came over to cut it. I wasn't a huge fan, but it's his hair, and I wanted him to have what he wanted. Well, he finally agreed he was sick of it. I love it!

Saturday, I met Tina, and our friend's Harry and Lauren for breakfast. We stopped at Anthropologie after for some delightful seasonal candles because we are #basic, and we don't care!

We went down by the lake, and I took this adorable photo seconds before Olive legit DOVE head first into the lake. I was standing right behind her, so I grabbed her immediately, but it was definitely shocking for both of us.

Saturday night we met our night guy on KDWB, E.White and his girlfriend, Elise at Trubadour Wine Bar. I'd never been, but heard it was fun, and it was. I definitely had a biiittttt too much! haha

Today we took the dogs for a walk and snapped a pic of the leaves. Dolly went to the vet this week for an ear infection, and no surprise to us, the vet said she was way too THICCCCC, so we have to incorporate more exercise for her. I hope you had a great weekend. Let's suck all of the joy out of fall while we can!