Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 7/24-7/26

HI! I spent all weekend listening to the new album by Taylor Swift. I know it isn't the album for pop lovers, but this is MY kind of album. It's the kind of album I can have on in the background of anything on repeat. That's what I loved so much about Kacey Musgraves' last album and why I love all John Mayer albums. It also helped me find my groove for my painting niche. This is one I painted this weekend. The inspiration was a picture we took while in Iceland a couple of years ago.

I haven't had any friends over, so I decided to invite Harry and Tina over Friday night. I made this amazing recipe by Elizabeth Ries. It's a sausage and squash pasta dish. The recipe is in this charity cook book!

We watched the Kissing Booth part 2. The first one was so cute. This one was SO bad. It had plot holes, they found out what college they got into at their high school graduation? They never had text history on their texts? So many weird things. We think it's because the two stars dated in real life. Then they broke up in a bad way and had to film this. Anyway, we still had fun!

Saturday morning Elliott got a haircut (she looks SO cute), and I got in a good Peleton ride. I've really been using the bike more than ever the past couple of weeks.

We finally got hardware pieces in to finish up my bathroom update. We had to fill in holes and paint the previous spots, so it still isn't done, but we're SO close now! Also, I found all the paint for our house in the basement, and the builders labeled them. It was so great! SO my tip for you is to keep the extra paint in a safe spot, and label it (master bathroom, basement etc). In a few years, you would normally forget what you used. It was so helpful!

Olive is now saying doggy, and it's so cute! You can see it on my Instagram: @falenkdwb

I hope you had a good weekend...man, was it sticky out!

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