Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 6/19-6/21

We've been watching "Insecure" on HBO and loving it. Sadly, we caught up this weekend, so we started "Yellowstone". It isn't the typical show I'd go for, but I'm giving it a shot because I've heard good things! I'm hosting a Facebook Live for my book club this Wednesday btw. It will be on the Falen KDWB Book Club group page if you wanna join, and we read "The Woman in the Window" which they're turning into a movie with Amy Adams!

Saturday we went to The Lynhall and had a little breakfast with Olive. She enjoyed some scrambled eggs, and I enjoyed this amazing coffee called Honey & Cream. Those are little cereal bits on top.

Olive is getting a lot of teeth! My mom grabbed a great shot to show! haha She also said mama this weekend which is her first official word! She's gotten close with dada, and YEAH!

My mom watched Olive so Jake and I could grab some tacos and margaritas Saturday night. We went to Centro in NE which was great!

I busted out a few paintings this weekend. I do more of an abstract painting style, but I do mostly still life florals. I'm trying to work on depth. I'm not great at it yet, but it's been so nice finding something I enjoy so much. I try so many things, but I rarely find something I like this much.

We went for a Lake Harriet walk on Saturday morning, and it was very busy. We saw 3 snapping turtles on the beech. It was crazy. They ran pretty fast into the water, so that whole "turtles are slow" bit...kinda a lie. haha

AND although Jake has spent many father's days with Dillon, this was his first with both Dillon and Olive, and he enjoyed a big ol' cookie cake! How was your father's day? I know sometimes days like these can be hard. Just want you to know I'm so sorry if that's the case. I hope you found a way to find joy regardless. Thank you for checking out my pictures.

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