Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 5/15-5/17

The weekend kicked off with Olive's 8-month birthday! I'm not going to go on and on about how fast it's gone, but it has. I'm truly trying to savor the moments of her laying in my arms snuggling. We switched her car seat in my car to a convertible seat this weekend officially.

We played some crazy rounds of badminton, and the guys played a little soccer...

We've had issues with heat and air this week, so we had to call people, and it looks like our "mother board" needs to be replaced (insert crying emojis here). Thankfully the weather has been. Saturday, Olive and I refilled the bird feeder. It's an actual candid Jake took. You can see that I'm actually saying NO! haha Olive was trying to eat grass!

This is such a great time of year in Minnesota because of ALL OF THE BABIES! I saw baby geese and baby ducks while on our weekly lake walk!

I've been pinning pictures of flowers all weekend eagerly awaiting my Bob Ross painting kit to arrive...haha

My mom came to watch Olive during the day, so we could have a car date. We went to the Minnetonka Drive-In. It was my first time, and I will ABSOLUTELY go back. We drove through fancy neighborhoods and looked at houses we'll never be able to afford! haha I hope you had a great weekend! Dave's back tomorrow! Yay! Thanks for looking at my pictures:)

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