I Was on Live With Justin Bieber Last Night!

Through quarantine, Justin Bieber has been doing a ton of Instagram Lives! I jokingly, but seriously, said on the radio that my quarantine goal is to be selected. He randomly selects people and talks to them. Last night, we were laying on the couch watching Hollywood on Netflix. I saw he was on live, and had it pulled up. I commented a couple of times, and then out of nowhere, it was going live. I didn't tell Jake I was doing it, so I jumped up which scared him. He thought something was wrong. Then he heard a hi, and it was Justin Bieber. The lighting was horrible, but it was super quick and awesome. He was super nice, and then he was on to the next person. BUT it definitely gave me the highlight of my week! haha AND shout out to @lifewithaglassofbubbly on Insta for recording this, or I'd have no proof!

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